Automated entry doors of a public building

Understanding the benefits of automated doors

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to rethink how they operate. In particular, they had to adapt to rapidly evolving public health guidelines. If you want to increase your own business’ safety measures, one way to mitigate health risks is to make more of your facility touchless by installing automated doors.

They reduce crowding

Automated doors, whether sliding or swing, are effective at reducing foot traffic in busy areas. Doing so will help people maintain their social distance. It’ll also help prevent high-traffic areas from becoming congested. Plus, touchless opening and closing will help reduce the risk of transmission, thereby making your business safer.


They promote better hygiene control

Since they’re touchless, automated doors can make your facility safer for customers, visitors and employees. While these concerns are usually associated with the medical sector, concerns about public health have become more widespread among the public as well as various levels of government. Using automated, touchless solutions for entry management is a good way to drastically improve hygiene control and to make the people who visit your business feel safer.


They improve access

It’s important to mention that having a touchless entry system will help ensure that you meet accessibility regulations in your province. This is because most automated entrances can be used be nearly anyone, regardless of ability. And, since they’re equipped with safety sensors, they’re unlikely to cause an accident or injury.


They help with compliance

Public health regulations can change quickly and often, especially as more information about the virus is uncovered. Variations in cases and overall transmission risk can similarly lead to substantial changes in directives. Touchless automated entry systems, especially those monitored by security, can be extremely flexible if public traffic limitations need to be applied and modified quickly.


They improve your image

Automated doors will help you make a good first impression. Whether you run a commercial operation or a municipal building, they’ll tell people that you take their health and safety seriously.


Automated door in the Maritimes

Adapting to a post-COVID-19 world can be difficult, but MGM Automated Doors is here to help. We’ve spent years developing strong relationships with manufacturers so if you need a reliable and high-quality automated entry system for your commercial, municipal or provincial building in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or PEI, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about the products we carry and the services we offer.


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