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Preventative Maintenance Solutions

Don’t spend unnecessary money on the same issue over and over again.

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MGM Automated Doors offers a preventative maintenance software program called SafedoorPM, designed to comply with the Nova Scotia Occupational Health and Safety Act. It greatly reduces future costs arising from neglect or waiting for a door to break down.

Benefits of a maintenance plan

  • A cloud based history of each and every door (available 24-7)

  • Helps manage door budgets and pre-plan before the door is inoperable

  • Crucial for any work environment that has a safety presence on site

  • Keeps all supervisors and managers compliant and free of liability and everyone safe

Engaging with our preventative maintenance software keeps us accountable to our clients. You won’t pay for the same repair done twice. The history of the software allows you to see every repair we do. We don’t just go and bandage the problem. Our software contains every manufacturer’s specifications through every facet of the door. We fix the root cause of the issue. Our software helps protect you, your employees and your investment.

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